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Understanding Habitat is the key to success for Upland Bird Hunter. One needs to understand the birds needs and habitat requirements in order to be successful. This podcast focuses on how to read the forest, the land and the changes in habitat that are seasonal. This podcast will also focus on the hunting dog and how to better understand what is required of your dog in handling different types of upland birds.

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Friday Nov 10, 2023

We start out talking about predators in the Northwoods. Then get into Mid-November Hunting tactics. Learn how to use the forecast to anticipate when the Grouse will likely be out feeding. Consider that even in cold temps, the Ruffed Grouse still seek out grit to help digest their food. This activity appears on roads and trails. Read your habitat to anticipate where the bird will flush. Grouse typically move more in late season so your dog will need to track it longer. Grouse will seek their safe cover and keep going until they find it. You need to anticipate and shift to have success. 

Friday Nov 03, 2023

It is the time of year where grouse transition to different habitat so you need to change your hunting strategies too. Why do they transition to winter habitat? The cold weather changes their food sources. Grouse can no longer find the greens because they have no froze off. So they switch to other food sources. Also, they need more protection to stay warm in winter habitat. Find out what habitat is suitable and learn why you will find grouse grouped up again together this time of season. 

Thursday Oct 05, 2023

Listener questions are answered in episode 8. What did Ann do as a Grouse Hunting Guide to prepare for Ruffed Grouse Hunting? How should you prepare for hunting in the Early season? What signs should you look for to make a successful hunt? How do you hunt in the woods vs Upland open fields? What are the birds doing in early season? Get strategy tips for Hunting Ruffed Grouse.

Tuesday Jul 18, 2023

So many time we get in a rut training our bird dogs. We train the same way, place and time over and over agin. This pattern gets our dogs to the point our dogs knows what to expect. This doesn't help our dogs advance their skills. Get tips to keep your hunting dog training fresh. Avoid creating negative patterns while training your bird dogs. Once you your dog develops a problem, they are even difficult to undo.  
Also Ann explains in this video How to Rule out Upland Hunting locations affected by drought. Use this information in conjunction with your Scout-N-Hunt maps to find the best habitat to hunt. 

Friday Jun 30, 2023

The benefits of using swimming to condition your dog. Get your dog in shape for hunting season and keep them in shape all year round.  Tips on training young pups for the fall hunting.  Timing your hunt as the morning warms up in the early hunting season. Cool conditions leave better scent for your hunting dogs. 

Thursday Jun 15, 2023

Aspen cuts, a common practice in forest management, have varying effects on game birds. Join us as we uncover the impacts different Aspen cuts have on Grouse and why they rely on it for habitat. All Aspen cuts are not created equal. Hunters need to know the age of the cut and fine details to determine the quality of the grouse hunting ground. Understanding information like the correct stem density and canopy height also are important.  Hunt the Habitat explains how it all works together to help hunters locate more birds. 
Young pup training tips are also in this episode. Grouse run so to a dog their scent comes and goes. You must instruct young pup how to keep relocating the scent. They must learn to be cautious to successfully work grouse.
Finally, we have an update on the development of grouse chicks in the Northwoods.  

Friday Jun 02, 2023

Let's total up how many cuts that Minnesota has to offer the Grouse Hunter.  Discuss the importance of Marginal Habitat for a grouse.  It is never to early to start teaching your pup to "Leave it!" .  Of course we will give an update on the status of the grouse in the Northwoods of Wisconsin and enjoy talking about what we are all looking forward to in the fall.

Thursday May 18, 2023

We start the podcast off with talking about Charlie the grouse, then have a quick update about what is happening in the Northwoods.  The drumming season is at it's peak and new drumming areas are now easily located.
Then we  focus on Michigan and start breaking down the habitat, the number of cuts, soil and timber types.  This is a very detailed look at what is available for hunting in the Great state of Michigan.
If you ever wanted to know how much potential Prime/Marginal Habitat is located on Federal, State and Commercial forest lands we have the numbers. 
Rounding out the episode we talk about training pups and expectations, opening up their noses for the first time and more.

Friday May 12, 2023

Spring snowstorm is forecasted for our area.  Concern about the birds that are nesting.  Still finding grouse corridors in the woods.   Imagery and logging in Maine. Talking about simple whoa training and the need to be consistent.  Setters, European woodcock and cow pastures at night in France.
As always if you have questions that you would like answer please go to our contact page and send us a note.

Thursday May 04, 2023

Spring in the Northwoods brings to mind the sky dance of the Woodcock and drumming of the Ruffed Grouse.  We will take an in-depth look at the challenges that lay ahead for these birds.  
Learn how spring drumming counts can help you locate strategic habitat for late season hunts. 
As always, we will be breaking down key habitat features and needs of these birds.  Hunt the Habitat and Find the Birds.


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